Equipment Types

Tilt Trailer:

A general purpose trailer suitable for loading of all types of cargo.
Tilt trailers can be loaded from either side, the rear or from above.


Tilt Trailer


General purposes trailers, again suitable for loading from the sides, rear or overhead. However, due to the superstructure, sliding roof and cant rails overhead loading can be problematic for larger pieces.



Suitable for heavy or oversize cargo, or where loading access is restricted. Flat trailers can be provided with sheeting according to the specific cargo requirements.


Step Frame Box/Tilt:

Higher cubic capacity than a standard trailer and ideally suited to high items or where a larger cubic capacity is required

Step Frame / Box Tilt

Road Train:

Maximum cubic capacity, ideally suited to high volume/low weight ratio cargo, particularly cartons.

Road Train

Low Loader:

Used for the transport of oversize/overweight cargo, low loaders come in a variety of guises.

Low Loader


RJ International is available to provide traction for specialist units at the customers request. This can be for shipper owned equipment or bespoke items such as mobile water treatment units.